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Mineshaft Weekend Official Hotel

Please select the room you wish to book.


  • Guest Agreement 
    By making this booking and providing payment, you acknowledge having read and agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

    This Booking
    Mineshaft will place a courtesy hold (block) on the room you have selected and notify the hotel which will then call you to complete your reservation (how many guests, arrival and departure dates, and credit card).

    Courtesy Hold Release Date
    Your courtesy hold will be good for 5 business days. If you have not completed your reservation by that time your room wil be released back in to inventory.

    Service Fee
    The service fee is non-refudable unless the hotel is unable to accommodate the room you requested. "Changing your mind" about where you want to stay does not qualify.

    Hotel Charges and Policies
    Mineshaft is not responsible for your actual reservation. Any changes, cancellations, etc. is between you and the hotel. Please be sure to read the hotels guest policies (there is a link on our website).

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