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Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive feedback and encouragement we received, we are considering making Mineshaft an annual event and will be discussing the future with our partners. As of now there are no dates selected for 2022.



Is there going to be a 2022 Mineshaft Weekend?

We certianly heard from many of you that you'd like to see this become an annual event --- or even possibly a twice a year affair ---- but things in Bisbee move at their own pace and we have a lot of discussions ahead of us. At this time there are no dates or firm plans to announce, but we intend to review things with folks in town and will let you know.

In the meantime the best thing you can do to help us is to fill out the 2021 Mineshaft Survey From and let us know your thoughts.

How much did the Bisbee Animal Charity recieve?

The owners of the Shady Dell Vintage Trailer Court pulled a special event liquor license for the Sunday "Camp Flamingo Party" and were required to donate a minimum of 25% of gross sales. The arrangment is between them, the State of AZ and Friends of The Bisbee Animal Shelter. We were not directly involved in any financial transactions.

How can I get involved?

If you would like to offer your help for any upcoming events, please drop us a line at

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