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Balcony Bunkhouse Room Saturday August 5

2 Stacked Beds with Sofa, Private Bath and amenities.
Includes 1 Party Ticket 

Room $109+tax = $122


Balcony Bunkhouse

  • Hotel guests must adhere to Hotel Policies and instructions, These Include:

    Guest Agreement 

    By making this booking and providing payment, you acknowledge having read and agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.

    Booking includes 1 LIFTOFF Party Ticket 

    Check-In / Check-Out
    Check-In: 3:00PM
    Check-Out: 11:00AM
    Due to the special nature of the event we are working with the hotel to create a streamlined check in process and will advise closer to the event. You must be 21 years of age and present a valid government issued ID and a security deposit will be placed on your credit card.You are responsible for any damages done to the room.

    Cancellation and Refunds
    This is a special discounted event rate and is non-refundable. However, If you can not attend you may transfer your reservation to a friend.​​

    The Egyptian is an historic hotel and half the rooms are up a flight of stairs.There is no elevator, so if you have mobility challenges please choose an accessible ground floor room. Please also be aware that the main bar/patio has a sand floor.​​​

    Special Guest Parking Lot
    The hotel parking lot will be closed for LIFTOFF starting at noon on Saturday June 3


    Loud Noise
    When the party is over we expect everyone to respect the privacy and well-being of other guests who may wish to sleep. Please don't be that person we have to have security "talk to"


    No Smoking
    Smoking (of any sort) is prohibited inside indoor spaces, including your room. You can smoke on the outside. Violation of these terms may result in a cleaning fee.

    No Pets
    Due to the large crowd and loud music, pets are not allowed (other than bears).

    No Underage
    Nobody under the age of 21 is allowed on property, including rooms.

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