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The Decision to Move Mineshaft Events and Operations out of The Copper Queen Hotel


Part of what makes going to Bisbee enjoyable is it's laid back atmosphere, but there is a difference between being laid back and being crappy.


My goal for Mineshaft Weekend is to create a fun and memorable, high quality social experience for gay men, a sort of Arizona version of a Provincetown weekend. To this end I have sought to create a series of special events at different venues around Bisbee that I hope guys will enjoy.

I take this effort, and the welfare of our community, seriously.

In business as in life you need to pick your partners carefully and, unfortunately, the Copper Queen Hotel just doesn't seem to be able to get it together no matter how hard you try and help them. In over a year of dealing with this hotel they have consistently proved to be an unreliable operation that is incapable of delivering even the most basic level of customer service.

I have done everything I could to work with these people. I put everything in writing, making detailed, multi-page event plans and traveling to Bisbee numerous times to go over them line by line with the hotel's managers. It has been an exasperating experience and in the end the only thing you can be guaranteed of at The Copper Queen Hotel, as I have often heard their staff say, is that "It's a shit show."

I was recently informed that hotel ownership had decided not to honor any of the commitments made by the hotel senior management team regarding Mineshaft Weekend, from room blocks and rates to events and costs. The General Manager put it to me this way: "the owner feels we don't need to do what we said we would because the hotel will be full of Mineshaft guys anyway."  

Besides attempting to charge for a slew of things that were never discussed and not providing things they promised, the hotel is not even going to provide basic guest facilities for the beach party. Forget about heating the pool, they weren't even going to provide a room for changing clothes or space for a clothes check. No food. No towels. Not even a toilet. They seriously said if we want to go to the bathroom we can walk downstairs thru the hotel lobby and bar (in our swimsuits) and use the public restroom. Add in bad service and a lousy bar and what's the point?

There is a LOT more I could say about my experience with this hotel. Dozens of examples of sheer incompetence and unprofessionalism not to mention their support for racist far right extremist politician Mark Finchem who was caught on video yelling the Nazi "Sieg Heil" from the steps of the Copper Queen Hotel at a fundraiser sponsored and co-chaired by the hotel's owner.

But you get the gist.


The Big Upside

The big upside to moving our events is that, even though it is going to cost me a lot of money, time and effort, the beach party and the happy hour and everything else we had planned at the Copper Queen Hotel will now be at better venues, with better ambiance and better service and better drinks and better food and (basically) better everything.

Looking forward to a fantastic weekend!


In order to safeguard room reservations made via the Mineshaft website they have been moved to Expedia. If you would like to change your reservation and move to The Shady Dell or other property, please contact us at

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